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About SJSM Alumni Association

Saint James School of Medicine is an international medical school with campuses on the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our students study Basic Sciences at one of our Caribbean campuses then study Clinical Sciences through a clinical rotation program at affiliated hospitals in the US.

The overall objective of the SJSM AA is to promote unity, awareness and comradery amongst the many graduates. At the end of their education, the real journey begins into medicine. As Saint James School of Medicine grows, our Alumni Association grows in importance. Congratulations on completing the rigorous journey of Medical School. While your time in an SJSM classroom maybe ended, your relationship with the SJSM Alumni Association will last for a lifetime. The alumni of the Saint James School of Medicine are an important part of the continuing success of the school. Our goal is to keep you connected to Saint James, other alumni, the faculty, staff, friends, and potential students

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Navigating the Residency Match: What we learned from the 2024 MATCH Cycle

Navigating the Residency Match: What we learned from the 2024 MATCH Cycle

The journey to becoming a practicing physician in the United States is arduous and culminates in a pivotal moment known as the residency match. This complex process, crucial for medical students completing their education and transitioning into residency training, involves a series of steps designed to pair graduating medical students with residency programs across the country. International Medical Graduates (IMGs), including those from Caribbean medical schools, engage in this competitive process with the hope of securing a position that will lead to full licensure and the ability to practice medicine independently.

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Black History Month: Empowering Diversity in Surgical Fields

Black History Month: Empowering Diversity in Surgical Fields

Amidst the vibrant celebration of Black History Month, let us plunge into a pivotal chat about diversity, carving its space in the intricate world of surgical specialties. This reflection goes beyond the historical nods, zooming in on the ups and downs, dreams, and achievements within the surgical realm.

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You’ve earned your degree - and your alumni status

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Help SJSM Grow

For over 20 years Saint James School of Medicine has been preparing students for the field of medicine. Over the years SJSM became a known name in the field of medical education. This was in large part due to the good word put out by our students and graduates in their communities. Since about 30% of the newly enrolled students come from referrals, SJSM has put together a referral program that is meant to reward the alumni from referring a student into the program.

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