Benefits Joining Alumni Association

Networking with other alumni

The primary purpose of the SJSM Alumni Association is to ensure that there is a strong connection between alumni and the school. Through this connection we are confident great relationships and opportunities for the alumni will emerge.

Speaking opportunities

SJSM strives to continually improve its program and put every effort to stay ahead of all the latest developments in the fields of medicine and medical education. Our alumni are at the forefront of medicine each day and we often invite them to share their experiences with our faculty and students.

Research program fellowship

SJSM has always maintained one of the strongest research programs in the Caribbean. Our alumni are encouraged to participate in various research projects.

Teaching opportunities

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the new generation of doctors, the best route to take is to join our faculty. SJSM has Full and Part time positions available and our Alumni will always have first pick for any open position.

Guest lecturing at our campus

SJSM often invites guest lecturers with knowledge in specific areas of medicine to speak to our students. Alumni are often the best resource. Members of the Alumni Association may be offered opportunities to visit the island and conduct certain guest lectures.

Mentorship to students

Students often ask for guidance from the alumni on the best course of action during the program and career choices. Association members are often mentors to students and offer them advice and guidance during their studies.

Preceptorship opportunities

As an alumni, you may have a successful practice or a position within a hospital system that allows you to become a preceptor to students. This is a great way to give back to the school by teaching the next generation of doctors. Also, becoming a preceptor will often have certain financial benefits as well.

Board of Trustees

Members of the Alumni Association are often invited to participate in the school’s Board of Trustees, the highest decision-making body of the school. While this is an unpaid position for a certain term, it is also a great resume builder. Additionally, you will have significant input into the direction the school is taking.

Referral Bonuses

Members of the Association are eligible to receive great referral bonuses when referring students into our program. To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

Discounts at SJSM Store

As an Alumni Member, you are eligible to receive special discounts on items sold on the SJSM store. We love when students and alumni share their school spirit with the world. Use #WeAreSJSM to spread the word.

Help SJSM Grow!

For over 20 years Saint James School of Medicine has been preparing students for the field of medicine. Over the years SJSM became a known name in the field of medical education. This was in large part due to the good word put out by our students and graduates in their communities. Since about 30% of the newly enrolled students come from referrals, SJSM has put together a referral program that is meant to reward the alumni from referring a student into the program.

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